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And now, a charcter description from an original charcter from Deviant Art, where the charcters fight to regain their memories. This is all 100% real. Boldface is used to emphaize heavy lulz. She is American.

Enjoy the grammatical errors, lack of capitalization, and confustion of time and tense.

name: annor l. musto
weight:90 lbs
height:7 “3”
personality:happy most the time, plans out a situation quickly, quite and shy, loves tyto Alba books
b-day:may 21
nationality:usa but knows every language including animal language

annor is my name but backwards.the gost has no real backgammon or name but it can never forget things so everything it remembered about annor is its only life, but it wont tell anything about annor’s past to annor.
the nonamegost goes by jer and floater.jer is a bad influence but still helps out in some way.jer cheats alittle by entering peoples minds or dreams and talking to them or giveing advice.

annor’s storey for joining is that she cant rembere who restored her or made the wings for her and she wants to thank them,and she gets odd dreams/headaches about a lab that may have been where she had been tourchered.
the gap in the middle of her tail feathers is from running away from rabid dogs, is grabbed the feather and pulled it out.

like a feather thay need to be pruned, annor’s tail sheets and primary flight sheets need to be pruned, there made of small strands of metal fashioned like feathers, she often pruns them like an owl too.slient like an owl too.
thalons in flight are another story, the thalon is just like an owls’s thalon too,the 2 tows in front and back, and when she dives or grab for something one of the tows swings around to the front,she is very gental when picking up something.
running is hard for her too because her tows curl up.landing with something isnt as hard as u thing, she can carrie enemeys or friends to safety with out landing on them or hurting.all flight maneuvers are natural owl flight maneuvers including hunting.molting is not a big problem because the sheets Reagan them selves and move.

she has no real weapons because she doesn’t start fights. but if she had to figth she would use her claws,wings,talons,teeth,and the clamps to get away.
climbing is an option too if her wings are damaged.dogs or anything amonge that nature mite bite her middle part and find there mouth filling with nasty oil, this harms the biter and annor, annor usualy faints and spark welds the hole shut with the sparks.


green food
mean people
people trying to eat her

strong lifter,puller,swimmer,flyer,climber

measly distracted
gets lost often
has an animalistic side
not a good runner
too trusting

that little pokemon her name is spark, shes a pet of annor and no there is no way spark is used in battle.spark sleeps in that slideing neach thing.

tyto alba drakeîn or barn owl dragon: also know as puffowl
name: puffowl
weight: 443 lbs
personality: wise and deep thinker
puffowl only appears when annor is lost or needs help,puffowl also goes by puff or fluff. tho puff is a type of dragon, shes a guide for annor, and not an actual fighter. some people have trouble seeing puff and only see his eyes,he tought annor how to fly and read different languages.

what she will have to relearn
*lofting of the ground
*who to trust
*why she entered
*why puff is guiding her to places she needs to get too
*why jer is giveing bad sugestions and why it dosnt leave


FanFiction.Net – unleash your imagination

Yes, that is the actual headline for the site.


Lots of anti-bullying campagins lately. I’m not sure how to feel about it. I guess it is nice, but it really is begining to seem like a lot of people are in on it because everyone else is. I’m sorry, but when 50 Cent gets on your boat, I have to question how thoughtful your people REALLY are.


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