Misanthropy X

Our Evolution is Futile

After the Vacation

I visited Bradson, Missouri for vacation. Its not technically part of the south, but they still act like it is.

I disliked it. Everything about Southern culture is based on the concept of conformity. Yes, the word “conformist” is an overly used word, but everything screamed “We are a group! You better agree with us!” Let me explain:

Fashion – People my age wear flimsy clothes, worn-out jeans, things with advertisements, and visable underwear. People in the South wear baseball caps, plaid shirts, American flags, and beer guts. Both are f0llowing the status quo. In the South’s case, it is to look as red-neck as possiable.

American Pride – I never want to see an American flag again after all the flags I have seen in the South. These people do not just think America is just a great place. They think it must be REVERED! You must EXCLAIM your pride to America, or else you HATE America! Show your love by buying as many flags as possible!

I feel okay about America, but even if it were an awesome country, what would be the point of saying how much you love it? Especially at this high of a level. It is all part of being a group, more than the pride itself.

Southern Pride – This really got to me. Are we really going to split our pride between specific regions? More importantly, what values do Southeners actully endorce? If I were to just base it on my visit, they just endorce conformity and being a “country boy/gal”. I’m sorry, but I don’t see the bright side of having a sub-averge education, working a simple job, and dying without impacting the world personally.

And then there is the Confederate Flag. Yeah, I know people say it is only a symbol, but if I tried to hijack the swatizka and scythe and hammer symbol and tried to endorce German/Russian pride, I’d get my ass kicked. It is also sureal to see TWO stores sell confederate flag bikinis.

Country: Its amazing how similar Rap and Country are. Both endorce being in a paticular group, being excessivly manly, being unintelligent, being a lower class, homogenous music, etc…

Religion: Take a wild guess.

Note: Despite not liking the South, I am still not proud of the North.  


We visited three shows. We got a $300 discount because we visted a timeshare meeting.  The guy said it would be 90 minutes long. It was 4 hours. 4 hours of people sucking up to you, offering deals that do not even make sense, and stalking your mother when she goes into the bathroom.

We did get to see a magic show, though. Kirby was very good. I am almost tempted to look up how some of these tricks are done. But that would ruin the entire point wouldn’t it?


Now for somber rambling:

Sometime ago I told of the stories that really got me into this. One was about MTG and the other was about a chatroom. I left out an important detail about the chatroom one. I found out a lot of the feelings that the other people had for me after doing some research on Pastebin. What really got to me was tat they weren’t worried about me at all, but just very annoyed.

I have come with terms with the main people involved, and the people involved were usually nice, but still…yes I know I seemed a bit crazy at the time, but don’t we all get that way once in a while? Don’t we all need a helping hand one day?

Was a human’s sanity not worth your time?


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