Misanthropy X

Our Evolution is Futile


I went shopping for books today. I bought a book about teenagers in America, but what I didn’t by seemed more interesting. That, and the old man looking at a book of sexual positions.

One book I got a glimpse of was “Pornified: How Porn is Damaging our Lives”. I read some book reviews on it to see what it was about.

I’m pretty sure I disagree with it. I view some mostly hardcore stuff, but I would never endorce those actions IRL. If you  watch a rape film and then think you should support rape because it arouses you, then there is more of a problems with maturity than tastes. The same goes for the argument that it objectifies women. Of course I know women are more than objects for my sexual gratification. Of course I know real sex is completely different than in porn. Give me some more god damn credit.

Also, if porn is what ruins your marriage, then you never were ready to marry. Your relationship should survive even if you never go to bed with each other. Crazy thought, I know. People say not to judge potential partners by their looks and not focus on sex, but who honestly practices that philosophy?

Addiction to porn is also not an issue. Addiction to anything is bad. Jacking off for 5 hours a day is bad, but is it any better than playing WOW? Addiction in all forms can be risky.

I do agree that our culture is deliving into it too much, though. We need to keep sexual things outside our public life. Nothing is inspiring about “party girls” or eye candy. But that is a problem with our culture, not porn. I hate that stuff, but I still watch porn.


Does four Miller Lights make a middle-aged man drunk? Just asking.


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