Misanthropy X

Our Evolution is Futile


“We cosplay to EXPRESS not to impress” (+14) (Express what? Your fandom?)

“Japanese people have such a be beautiful face! I want to be Japanese too 😦 And Japanese Cosplay looks so Awesome, they can really look like the character!” (+6) (Is it racist if it is positive?)

Fuck i hate america…and this is comming from an american @_@…

I wish i could walk around dressed in a costume of a character i like without getting stared at like if im some idiot >:| (+47) (Yes, because of all the things that are wrong with America, the big issue is the fact that you cannot dress up like Cloud in public…)

I’m japanese myself.

Therefore, you must all bow down to me and give me money.

…that’s basically what you faggots are doing. (+5) (Actually, that’s an epic win!)

I like some anime lot. But I don’t hang Code Geass posters on my wall or cosplay as Light Yagami.

I watched Lensman today, an obscure 80s anime. First time I used a VHS in years. It is completely mediocre. Its about a man who recives the power of the lens, travels a bit, then saves the world by entering hyper mode. It felt slow, the charcters sounded ike they were talking from the bottom of a well, and I still don’t know what the lens does. At least the animation was good, but I still am looking for a great anime or movie. The last good movie I have seen was Inception, and the last good anime I watched was Gunbuster, an entire year ago.

Let’s end the day with this amusing conversation on a power metal video:

“This be…good song…sorry my english bad..I like metal band wooo im am god. I kill you.” (+62)

“Best. Comment. Ever.” (+40)

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