Misanthropy X

Our Evolution is Futile

Why I am Anti-Human, not just Anti-Conservative

From the Youngturks:

Micheal Vick should have been publicly executed on Fox. Im only half kidding. (+8)

Dogs are the best people. (+5)

O! THAT F****** BITCH! ;( poor puppies..I WOULD DROWN HER MYSELF! wait no first i will beat her UP! THEN DROWN THE BITCH (+21) (Murders = Life Sentence, Killing Puppies = DEATH PENALTY OMG!!!!!1111)

Fuck you Anna! My penis is gorgeous! (+120)

I need her phone number!!! (+8) (On a female rapist)

got damn why can’t my hott teacher have sex with me? (+5)

Oh man! I thought Ana was hawt before, now I find out she used to play softball and might possibly be a Lesbian! I think I’m in LOVE!!! (+8)

Better than other channels, but still…really?


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