Misanthropy X

Our Evolution is Futile


Finished playing Iji. Decent freeware game. It had a better ending than Cave Story, but its graphics looked like they came out of MS Paint.


I saw a guy and his family outside of church holding a sign asking for aid or a job. I has so many mixed feelings about this. Why weren’t some supposed Christians helping him? Did they just not want to? Was it too akward? Did they not know what to do? Why wasn’t I helping him or my family? Were the family use the aid wisely? Would they be okay?

Guess none of these questions will ever be answered.


My dreams are getting weirder. Two nights ago I dreamed that I was devoured by an orange, blob-like creature at sea. It devoured other people, including this girl I had a crush on. We tried to escape, but we were afraid we’d drown. We found out that a guy with a flame tattoo on his face was a personification of the monster. We fought against him and won. When we got out, we found out that the creature was being worshiped in New York City.

In last night’s dream, my sister found my porn stash. Then I had to stop my entire family from trying to look at it.

Dreams are interesting.


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