Misanthropy X

Our Evolution is Futile


Breakdown time!

What the fuck is good in this world, honestly? I’ve been trying to figure out what is so good about our only exprience for the last 16 years. All I got was dellustions and boredom. Once in a while I get this illustion that things can be great, but that gets beat away so quickly in retrospect.

My mind is going haywire…things that seemed set in stone one moment ago are banished and what were once evil thoughts seem completly valid. One moment everyone on earth has the IQ of a rock, the next they far outclass me. There is no standard. But then I focus on the negative side and then things always lean that way…

I feel like…going insane once in a while. Just let go of everything, run westward, and never look back. Stop caring about my future, my past, my family, just run off into the distance forever.

That sounds so nice…


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