Misanthropy X

Our Evolution is Futile


My mom forced us to go to church today. I think she thinks my atheism is just a phase. My church is nice, but it is incredibly boring. A waste of an hour.

My sister is getting a D in honors Chemistry. Unless she gets a high B or A on the final, its going to stay that way. She tried her best and got extra help, but she couldn’t do it. I feel sad for her. I kind of have this fear of failure.

As for myself, the only thing I have to worry about is whenever or not I get an A or a B in Spanish II.

Once in a while I tell myself “Man, you shouldn’t judge other people for what they like! What if other people judged you!?” Then, I hear a song like this:


The chorus repeats what is essentially the same line TWELVE times. The english is broken. It may be sexist, but I can’t even tell what the message is when the song is spoken in rapaneese.

Can’t we just admit we’ll love everything that doesn’t have “Beiber” or “Black” attached to it?

At least I found a Lady Gaga song I like: “The Edge of Glory”. But I would never seek it out.


This is real music.


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