Misanthropy X

Our Evolution is Futile


Hatred. The only emotion that knows no bounds. You will always find the limits of love stopped by something, like looks or money. You always find the limits of courage. Limits to kindness. Limits to wisom.

But hatred…now that is something that truely has no bounds! More people will kill each other over hatred than save each other with love! No vast webs of conspiracies have been formed by the urge to let peace be abundent on this earth. You can only love some one so much. You can hate someone more and more until you want to use your entire being to destroy them…even for little reasons…

But its so amazing how one sided hatred can become. You will see Christians complain about Islamic fundamentalism, while  endorcing their own fundamentalism. You will see white supremecists complain about blacks being racists, even though they  themselves are obviously racist (and vice versa). Political flip-flops and hypocrisy are evident on both sides.

Of course, I hate a lot of things, too. It is the reason why this unseen blog exsists. But my hatred attacks everything, to my greastest extent possible. I don’t look at one group of people and say “Okay, this group is bad when it does this” and look to another group of people and give them the okay to go (or say what they did was only in a minority). I try to judge people on morals, not their personal tastes. Sure, I may critize mainstream music, but I am not calling all people who like it evil. I am just asking: “How can you listen to something so souless?” If I were to meet someone who liked pop music face-to-face and they turned out to be kind and intelligent, I would like them.

But that’s not how other people’s hatred works. Maybe not all hatreds, but way too many. My hatred, though, will branch out, surronding everything, ignoring nothing.



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