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Our Evolution is Futile

Casino Economics


Wow. This wasn’t true a few years ago, yet suddenly the rich own more of the wealth. We are now at or worse in inequality than some third  or second world countries.

So, while the rich are controlling more and more of America’s wealth, more and more of America’s citizens are struggling to remain middle class.

It must be due to Obama’s SOCIALISM!

This is why I do not support all-out capitalism. Just look at college tuition fees:


I can see an excuse for medical care, due to new technology. However, how did our tuition get so high? Because pure capitalism can easily go out of control in favor of the rich. Look at the Industrial era. The rich will do anything to get a good profit, even if diminishes the working class and our educational/medical systems,

But if you think that America’s rich are getting way too rich compared to the rest of the population and want to raise taxes on them…well, then you are an EVIL SOCIALIST who HATES AMERICA and wants to start CLASS WARFARE!!!


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