Misanthropy X

Our Evolution is Futile


Our bus is pretty quiet. Except for the back.

One woman was complaining about how she got a 88.5% in English. If you are getting an A in a class, if you are a senior, then you get to skip the final. She was literally calling her teacher a bitch because she didn’t give her more work to work on so she could raise her grade.

When I get grades I don’t want, I blame myself. When she does, she blames the teacher and slurs her for being Arabic. I get high grades. She doesn’t.

What’s wrong with our educational system? It must be the teachers!


We were watching a video on Ecudor in Spanish II. They were eating fried Guniea Pigs. The people in our class were horriffied. Why? Because,as one person explained, “They are pets!”

Absolute fact: “If it isn’t cute or cudly, then its value is degraded”. You will never find some one who is for dog fighting, but the protesters start to dwindle when it comes to cock fighting. And when it comes to insect fighting (an actual bizzare sport in Japan), the silence is deafening.

Its even more notable when it comes to the food industry. People eat chicken, pigs, and cows everyday with few complaints. But when someone eats dog or cat in a foregin country…they are the EPITOME of evil! I have seen men tear the legs off of daddy long legs, gut fish apart while still alive, and collect fireflies so they can stomp on them, leaving a green glow behind. But when they slap a dog…CALL THE POLICE!

Don’t get me wrong: when animals are abused just for the sake of violence, smiling as they do it, without a hint of remorse, anger, or insanity, I am horrified. But I treat all animals equally. I don’t judge one simply because its adorable compared to an ugly one. I eat whatever animal I find savory. I do not harm animals unless the threaten me or invade my house. I treat spider, robin, and dog alike.

At least I could not find highly popular youtube comments that were incredibly hypocrtical. Strange. But the phenomenon definatly exsists.


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