Misanthropy X

Our Evolution is Futile


Just looked at the campaign cost for 2008: 5.3 Billion dollars. Obama’s next campagin run could cost a billion alone.

That is one of the most ironic figures I have ever seen. And there is quite little that can be done about it.

I mean, shit…we have to spend so much money uselessly just in an attempt to improve the economy. That sucks…but how could we fix that?


Trying to find an anime to watch. Probably a mecha, because they often go ino the territory of awesome.

I like the idea of anime. In my mind, its stuff that outclasses TV over here by light years. You don’t see stuff  on the depth of awesome and/or depth like Gurren Lagann, Death Note, and Code Geass. Our animation here is mostly for kids. And the ones for adults are almost entirely comedies that only focus on either shock value or pop culture references. Regular programs are also quite uninteresting over here, although there are some things that I really can’t knock without trying.

Sad thing though, there is such a massive ton of garbage to sort through when it comes to anime. I have tried to look at anime today, 2010-2011, and…well, its either slice-of-life, a garbage genre I’ll never understand, and/or ecchi spam, only appealing to the virgin basement dweller.   

I like my anime to exaggerate life’s postive qualities (suspense, thought, glory, etc), not mimic it. If I wanted that, I’d actually live it.


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