Misanthropy X

Our Evolution is Futile

The Fringe

To quote another person: “The Alex Jones Show: For those who think Glenn Beck is too complex.

I refuse to be part of the those people that are celebrating in the streets everywhere. It’s fucking insane that people will buy anything that obama says and promises to people even tho he broke most of those promises and continues to lie to everyone!

Its sad when people are brainwashed to the point they can’t think for themselves for one minute and say that the president is a traitor when they call him the messiah. (+44) (On Osama’s Death)

That’s right: we now have the “deathers”. Yes, because America is willing to lie about the death of a major figure…and just hope he never shows up again on another tape!

Actually, according to the AJ show, Bin Laden has been dead for several years! But then who was creating those tapes that kept coming out, often refering to current events?

Many far left or right sources depress the shit out of me. I can’t even go on them without losing all of my hope for our progresstion. Mainly due to the fact that many of the websites relish on hating certain groups of people and/or believe in vast conspiracy theories that only exsist in their mind to suit their own believes. There are no birthers who like anything about Obama, there are no Holocaust deniers that like anything about the Jews, there are no 9/11 truthers who like anthing about Bush etc.

They always represent minorities in opinion, but its fucking scary to think that somebody can believe something that is absolutely insane with as much conviction as you do in your believes.

But that is the crazy way this world works…


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