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Our Evolution is Futile

The Comments – They Burn

WTF?! Americans killed milions of people in the middle west, bin laden just wanted revenge… and the american killed bin laden because he just was trying to stop american in killing his nation… who is worst ? Bin Laden or the damn United States of America ?and what about Bush he killed thousands too for his precious oil.Dont be brainwashed by the political nonsense been thrown at you ,its all about power and money. (+3)

Yes, America has killed a lot of people in the Middle EAST. However, Osama did not attack only military targets: the trade center was, by all definitions, a civilian target. There is not justification for that.

Girl on Girl is AWESOME….com’on Ana!!!

If Jessica Alba wanted you to give it to her, you would decline Ana? NOOOOOO! (On TheYoungTurks) (+41)

Got to love it when viewers sexually harass talk show hosts.

this song makes me wanna fuck (+26) (Down on Me by Jeremiah)

Not the same comment as the one before, unfortunently.

i HAD SEX TO THIS SONG ;D (+38) (I Like by Jeremiah)

Wow. These people make Chris-chan look like Don Juan.

I love getting my dick sucked by the vacuum cleaner. (Birthday Sex by Jeremiah) (+9)

I don’t know what context this was posted in. I do not even want to know…

Notice how I like to hang out at music videos to collect these comments. Compare these comments to those of metal heads, like me. I honestly believe that what music you listen to says a lot about you. And thus, I have a theory that idiodic people listen to idiodic music. My evidence…

tumbs up if you click couse of the picthure(Y) (Jeremih – Waiter/The 5 Senses [Video] Official Music (Lyrics) DOWNLOAD) (+22)

The English…it broke…

who the fuck likes the smell of sex????/ (+12) (rihanna – s&m lyrics hd )

thumbs up if you would nail katy perry xD (+25)

 I would nail her. To a cross.

i get a boner when i listen to katy perry (+8)

MAN I Could F*CK her 3 months long whitout stopping!! (+34)

327 peoples ears are clogged with justin bieber music

Yes, because “Just Can’t Get Enough” by the Black Eyed Peas is LEAGUES beyond little JB!

To quote:

Honey got a sexy all steamin
She givin hotness a new meanin
Perfection mama you gleamin
Inception you got a brother dreamin dreamin

Fucking ART man…don’t you DARE insult it!

Thumbs up if you agree that J-Lo is supper hottt. (+36)

forget being skinny. i want her body. (+93)

 2011, and she’s still hot!! (+14)

Why are female artists so popular? It must be their talent!


In more important news, gas reached 4.50 per gallon over here. Yeah. 

There is a point where I get to say “Screw off, capitalism!” The gas companies are still making loads of money while we have to pay absolutely insane prices. Gas is no longer a luxury: we NEED it to get to point A to point B. Yet we have to pay nearly 5 dollars a gallon now?

I don’t care how it is done: high gas prices always hurt the economy and we need to bring them down so we do not have to choose between gas or medicine or food. Nobody should make a profit on what is pretty much a monopoly for a vital good.

At least it might urge is into full-on electric vehicles…



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