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Damn Celebs…

Hey, kids! Did you know that Prince William is getting married to Kate pretty soon? Well, you probably did, because people are acting like it is a big deal. Royalty lost all of its power a long time ago, but we still feel the need to cover this story.

It brings to light the sad addiction many people have with the famous. Just go on TMZ or People.com and see how desperate these vultures are. If something happens to a celebrity, they feel the need to note it down. If a celeb tries to go outside, the vultures will report it…

Wow. I do some weird things, but I do not obssess over other people’s lives. So what if X has a baby, or Y gets married, or Z decides to leave his or her house? Are you really supposed to care about such a minor event, even if someone famous does it? Is this really where thousands of people find entertainment?
This waste of time should be self-refuiting. Focus on your own life. Do not fall for an idol.
Good music must be saved…

Students: Little Sex Without Love

Yes! We have finally gotten over the physical, focusing on emotions instead of…

Friday, Apr. 09, 1965

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