Misanthropy X

Our Evolution is Futile

Countdown to ACT

Isn’t it funny wen Madonna fans complain that Lady Gaga sucks?

“the next asshole who compares madonna and lady gaga is a moronic fuckhead who rapes animals” (+113)

Yeah, LG rips off Madonna hard, but it still is kind of ironic. They are very similar in music style, similar in inducing shock value, etc. They really have more in common than not.

Hopeful¬†Comment of the Now: On Madonna’s cover of “American Pie”:

“Don McLean has written a song that is full of emotion, about the day that three of the greatest musicians of his time died. This song is dedicated to one of them, Buddy Holly. And that emotion is present every time he sings this wonderful song.

Madonna on the other hand, tried to interpret this song in the terms that modern music industry sets. And as you can see, all that emotion is gone. This cover of American Pie is just a mundane pop song. Modern music industry has really ruined music.” (+18)


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