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Our Evolution is Futile

Yet Another Long-Ass Post

I am currently 16, enrolled in advanced (AP or honors) classes in high school. Among the upper third of our class, things are not so bad.

The rest of them though…

If you wonder what’s REALLY wrong with our educational system, then all you need to do is go to a Gym class, or ride an after school bus. Our people aren’t intelligent (is that word spelt correctly?). The bottom two-thirds barely care about education. Rather, they just want to socialize, talking to friends about how they are going to beat up some guy who looked at them wrong or how absolutely hilarious “Jersey Shore” or “Role Models” was. I mean fuck, “Role Models” had a swearing fucking black kid who was, like, 7! That’s SO FUCKING HILARIOUS!

And no, I still did not say fuck as much  as they do. They love to be offensive. Dick jokes? How wonderful! Shagged pants? SEXY! Its the main reason why so many kids at the lower levels love to do drugs. Its not because they have problems they need to run away from. Its because you are a badass if you smoke weed! Of course, doing your homework is terrible and far less productive than smoking pot!

Also, to those who say racism doesn’t exsist in America: look at a high school. There is a large Arab hallway. There is a Polish hallway. The blacks either just roam around or are located somewhere I don’t know about. But Americans would NEVER br racist! (Note that nobody from honors classes belong in such groups).

Its hard to explain how shallow many people I meet are in school. When they here about other people getting into fights, they do not fear or show disdain for the incident, but laugh, maybe even take a side in it. They do not care about their futures, at least not as much as being semi-popular. They do not have the motivation to actually even attempt to educate themselves.

And then they grow into adults…

Here is my solution: If you do not try your hardest in school, then the school should kick you out. Its not like they want to be there in the first place. Then we could use the money we saved to help people who are actualy doing their best, but just can’t understand the material. The people who get kicked out can finally achieve their dream of being a constantly wasted, bastard-son-rearing truck driver, far away from ME!

I think everyone wins in that situation.


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