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Worse Than Beiber

Justin Beiber has become the ultimate scapegoat for most people on the internet. Yes, he is pretty popular when it comes to pre-teen girls, but everyone else flames him. Just go on any popular video of any other genre and you will find a comment that states “X people are Justin Beiber fans”, where X is the number of people who disliked the video. Even pop and rap artists.

Having listened to his songs, I have to agree that they are not very good. But it startled me when I didn’t get a person of Rebecca Black quality. He just sounded like every other pop artist now of days. I mean, what is the REAL difference between him and other singers right now?

I blame his young age and the mob mentality. There are plenty of artists that are absolutely terrible, that do not deserve a percent of their popularity, more so than Justin Beiber. The following people have proven to have a track record of creating poor songs that have killed the music industry in what seems like just one decade. And the fact they are not being critized (outside of certain anti-mainstream music fans) and getting over 90% video is a crying shame.

Katy Pery – How much damage has autotune done to the industry? Has there been an artist who has used it good since Cher?

Each one of Katy Pery’s songs sounds the same. Whenever she is singing about hope, love, anger, being laidback etc, her hypertuned voice sounds identical: robotic and uninspired. It doesn’t help that the music itself suffers from identical problems. Her music has the rare title of actually hurting my ears.

Worst SongI Kissed a Girl. Instead of being a song about the stigma of homosexuality in our culture, its about a woman who is experimenting for fun…while still with a boyfriend. If a man kissed other women while still dating for “experimentation”, he would get his ass dumped. But when lesbians do it, its AWESOME! Unless they are dykes. Call me old-fashioned, but I cannot get attatched to a song so animalistic. Unless its a satire. But I doubt it is.

Jeremih– Rappers are always terrible. Rappers who can barely speak english are worse. Rappers with songs like “Birthday Sex” and “Down on Me” are at the bottom of an already low barrel. Granted, not all of his songs are like that. However, one cannot make such two songs without exposing oneself as a complete moron. Unless Jeremih is an expert at stealth satire.

Fan Reviews – On “I Like“: “this song make me want to fuck!!!!!!!!!” (+39)

Lady Gaga-Similar to Katy Perry, her music and voice are so artifical that, if I close my mind, “Alejandro” and “Bad Romance” become the exact same song. She also spams way too much shock imagery in her videos and performences, although it is fun to see Grandpas and Grandmas everyone throw a fit over “the destruction of our moral values”. I would like something thought-provoking rather than a sight of a half naked Lady Gaga for the tenth time.

K$sha– Another autotune spammer! Love it! More upbeat than Gaga or Perry, but even more monotone. Yawn.

Worst Song – Take it Off. The base was spammed so much it actually killed my fish.

Willow Smith – Is that autotune I here? Or is it just bad music screwing with my mind again?

Worst Song – Whip My Hair. When a girl sings about Friday, she becomes the center of hatred. When a preteen girl sings about partying and whipping her hair back and forth OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN, she is praised as the next Michael Jackson.

Rihanna – Another mainstream rapper. Her songs are slow enough to go back in ttime. Maybe I can land back in the 80s or 90s? A few of her songs  are too disturbingly about sex, too. Sex is a very hard subject to talk about in music form without making yourself look like a nympho. Love is just a strictly more poetic emotion than lust in the positive contex. Sex is not the ultimate pinnacle of love, either.

 S & M gets its own song, although real S & M doesn’t hurt as much as her music. Some songs seem to have potential, unlike other entries on the list. But they need proper english and a BPM of above 10.

…You may have noticed that I have just been looking at the most popular people of the now to put on this list. My point: there is NO real difference between Beiber and the rest of the popular artists. So either A. Critize none, or B. CRITIZE THEM ALL!!!

Music reflects society. And if this is our music, then our emotions are going down the drain, at least a little bit.

Or maybe I am just trippin. But notice how the same charcter type can be applied to a lot of rap fans, rock fans, classical fans, and metal fans. Not all, but a lot.

What does this music say about our feelings?


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