Misanthropy X

Our Evolution is Futile

More Sad Comments

VAMPIRES SUCK FUNNIEST CLIPS – “Very good movie! I wish they can make a seaquel of Vampires Suck!” (+ 18)

Role Models – “if u white, then u ben affleck. u are white. its true, i am white” (+17)

Role Models – Official Theatrical Trailer – HD “HAHAHAH BOOOOOBIES!!!! i love this movie… And BOOBIES!!!!!” (+16)

Larry The Cable Guy Witless Protection – “This movie is so funny its one of my favorite movies” (+3)

Scary Movie 4 – Carmen Lets Loose (410 likes, 17 dislikes) (Not a comment, but if you look at the clip, it doesn’t deserve 17 likes, 410 dislikes)

Jeremih ft. 50 Cent — Down On Me With Lyrics – “thumbss up if yhu think dis song is dha shietttt loveee diss songgg ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” (+54)

 Katy Perry – Firework “Thumbs Up if you think that anyone who doesn’t love Katy Perry is worse than faggot Bieber! :)” (+22) (…what.)

Katy Perry – Teenage Dream “Thumbs Up if you feel like making love when u are hearing this song.” (+36)

Lady Gaga – Born This Way “I love this video. All GaGa haters fuck off.” (+18)

+ tons of pocadot spammers.

If I had to join a religion, I’d be a satanist.


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