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Our Evolution is Futile

A Long-Ass Post II

I finished playing Wild Arms, an RPG for the Playstation. Took my seven years to beat that game…but I did it with my sister.

It was far from the best RPG, but it had its moments. Great soundtrack, too. It was so close to being truly great, but there were a few grueling problems.

I always had a soft spot for RPGs. They had an epic scope. I mean that in a serious way. They are like the fantasy tales of old, but with good graphics and great music. The gameplay often does not matter. Wild Arms had a flawed battle system, but, in the end, I wanted more detail to the charcters, not the battle system. Without a good story and atmosphere, the RPG falls apart. FFX and FFX-2 had equally good battle systems, but FFX was legaues better because of its touching story and its stellar soundtrack.

I think I’m too focused on trying to get extreme feelings: of love, happniess, glory, misery, etc. Thats probably why I listen to so much power metal and video game music. They briefly elevate my emotions to levels I could never hope to achieve in this boring life.

I’m wondering how healthy this is. Its setting up expectations in my mind that can never be achieved. Life is not a fantasy. Things go wrong, things become boring, people remain in the muck for most of their lives, and so many “villans” and given support by us and our culture.

Life isn’t really epic or grandoise. I’ll just have to remain bound to music, games, or other media to get as close to that dream as possiable.

Depressing statistic of the day: http://www.publicpolicypolling.com/pdf/PPP_Release_MS_0407915.pdf

According to this study of 400 Mississippian Republicans, 46% of Mississippi’s Republican population want to ban interacial marriage. 14% were “not sure”.

I need to say no more.


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