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A Long-Ass Post I

Violent protests resulting in deaths at the UN were sparked by the Koran burning of  Pastor Terry Jones. It would have been terribly ironic, but, of course, the irony is greatly diminished when we all know that Pastor Terry Jones would never claim that his religion is violent or moronic. He is willing to quote violent phrases from the Koran, but do you think for a second that he would DARE to quote violent passages from the Bible? Of course not. He probably hasn’t even read it.

 His churches actions are also mornic. His church actually worked with Westbro Baptist Church to condem homosexuality. The church also freaked out over the possibility of a gay mayor (the terror!).

Sure, what the Muslims did was worse, but I think both people’s viewpoints are utterly moronic.  I wouldn’t want to live in a world where I am killed because I burned a book, but I also don’t want to live in a world where I am looked down upon because of the sex I like.

Its fucking ironic how many views that fundamentalists Christians share with fundamentalist Muslims, despite how much they hate each other. Both are heavily anti-gay, often anti-freedom of religion, and take their holy books literrally for not much else other than faith. Just take someone who believes that the US should be a Christian nation and replace a few nouns. Go on. I don’t need to do it for you. Of course,  you’ll never here people try to ban “Christian” law over Sharia law.

Speaking of Christians…Donald Trump’s recent bid for presdient made me interested in how many Republicans have been divorced. Its kind of suprising: they include Trump, Limbaugh, McCain, Gingrich, Armey, Barr, Rove, Reagan…etc.

Now, I support the right to divorce. You shouldn’t be with someone that you hate. But I need to ask the question that many others have asked: where are the family rights groups condemning these actions? I mean, which is more threatening to “marriage”: having two people of the same sex marry with love and stay together, or two people  who marry and easily fall apart? You’d think it would be at least metioned, but no…gays are MUCH more immoral than a man who divorces MULTIPLE times! 



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