Misanthropy X

Our Evolution is Futile

The Lie of Caring

Throughout the first world, we also here about how “nice” it is to help out those who are less fortunate than us. Most religions, the apparent “core” of our beliefs, teach us this. We are expected to feed the poor, lend a helping hand to the downtrodden, “do unto others and you would have them do unto you”, etc. We are constantly told to care about the poor and the helpless, so we end up thinking that we actually care about them. “We are not heartless!” we tell ourselves. “We help out the needy whenever we can!”

Folks, I live in a house that is worth tens of thousands of dollars. My family owns multiple television sets and video game systems, has satellite television, volumes of books and toys from my childhood, jewelry, a keyboard, two computers with internet connection, and tons of other shit we do not “need”, but “want”.
Now, think about what we could do if we “scaled down”. Imagine if we bought a cheap house and only bought what we needed. Imagine how much money could be saved to help other people. Now imagine that, multiplied by every single well-to-do person on the globe.All that money could be used to help a lot of people. We could feed more people, improve our schools, save people from debt that they could not avoid. Imagine!
Why don’t we? We care about other people, right? These are other humans we are talking about! We should be willing to give up a few material needs to help out others, right?

We do not care about these people. We think we care, because we refuse to believe that we would let other people suffer. Yet, when it comes to excess versus aid, we usually choose the latter. It is an obvious truth, yet I have nearly been yelled at for merely noting this truth. But just look at how much we own compared to the lower class. We could make a sacrifice, but we do not. The best we can do is occasionally donate a little bit of money to some cause. But this gesture is just made to sustain our own ego. Less than 1% of our income is spent on such purposes.
And that is just the middle classes actions! Look at what happens when you reach the upper class! At that point, unless you are a philanthropist, like Bill Gates or Warren Buffet, you pretend that economic hardship does not exsist! Once the threshold is reached, we buy stuff that NOBODY needs, especially at the extravagant costs they sell for. We buy private jets, yachts, hoards of jewelry, closets of cloths that are only expensive because they are labeled “designer”, and mansions that are less for living and more for showing off.
Of course, some people claim that the people deserve their excess wealth because they earned it. That could be a valid statement if we all had equal opportunities. William had nothing in his life to stop him from becoming a millionaire. But John got into a nasty car crash that made him stop working, with a heavy medical bill to boot. Abel made a bad deal on her mortgage and is about to lose her house. David lost his job due to a bad economy. So, while William lives like a king, other people live in squalor, without William even considering throwing a bone to them. There is a difference between being poor due to being lazy and being poor because you got caught in the gears of the system.
But I am not blaming the rich. I am blaming all of us. We would just mimic the rich if we had the money, focusing on the material while others struggle to survive. Most of us just do not give a damn. We do not care who falls into poverty. As long as we, our friends, and family are fine, we could not care less. We say we care because we do not want to look bad. But you cannot care for something simply because you say you do. If you have the opportunity to help others, but ignore it, then you do not care about others. So when we say we care about the poor, but live in utter extravagance whenever we have the chance, we are not being virtuous. We are being hypocrites.


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